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Fun. It's the secret ingredient that can make even the most sumptuous dining experience even better. Which is why Dice n Dine serves up not only the most delectable dishes but also the coolest board games around. So whether you're unwinding after a hard day's work, spending time with family or catching up with friends, every moment here will keep your mind and your taste buds satisfied.

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Fun games to Play while you Dine

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Our team parties add a new dimension to Group Fun Activities. Bonding, and building trust is great. If you can achieve it by indulging in the most creative, and competitive board games around, that is even better. Visit us, to roll the dice.


Corporate Team events

Dice n Dine takes you away from the usual corporate luncheons to ensure that your more ».

Birthday parties

Birthday parties are no longer and it is a unique experience and one you will never forget more ».

Friends group parties

To spend fun time with friends Dice n Dine is best place to forget your digital distractions more ».

Family parties

Dice n Dine is best place to spend quality time with your family members and loved ones. more ».

Our Menu

For those with pure food indulgence on their minds, come next door and feed the player in you with our small plates that internationally, and seasonally inspired. We take our food as seriously as our games. You will not be disappointed.

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