Corporate Parties

Sure, you could call this a form of 'board'-room warfare but we guarantee that you will walk away wanting more. Dice n Dine takes you away from the usual corporate luncheons to ensure that your team members engage with one another in an analogue environment. The games generate the kind of rivalry that is hard to carry off the field but inspire all the team-building spirit and fun that playing usually does; or is supposed to anyway.

With increased interaction from high quality board games your team will surely be re-energised by the time you walk out of our doors; although you may not want to. You can be sure you and your team will not have the inclination to bring up office banter or indulge in some succulent client-bashing, when you have your office buddy on the mat in a game, or when you are tasting our food.

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are no longer about just waiting for great food to arrive, (although you will love your plate at Dice n Dine when you get to it), but about everyone at the party. We at Dice n Dine play hard and dine hard because no great party ever happened by waiting around for the fun to begin. So come and celebrate your birthday here, its a unique experience and one you will never forget. We organize birthday parties for all age groups starting from 3 years old.

Friends and Family Parties

Dice n Dine is truly the place you come to, to spend fun time with friends and family. Our board games ensure you the kind of analogue fun that will make you forget your digital distractions, so that you spend quality time with your loved ones.

As if sitting around with food and beating your loved ones at our wide selection of games was not enough, we also organise tournaments around games that we play here at the cafe. Now you can add to the joy of competing against your loved ones by wearing war paint against others.

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